Stampin' Up! Bonus Days are Back!

Sun 2 Jul 2017

Got a wishlist as long as your arm? July's a great time to start ticking those items off, because for every £45 (€60) you spend on Stampin' Up! goodies this month, Stampin' Up! will email you a voucher for £4.50 (€6) that you can spend on even more stash in August. 

There's no limit to the number of vouchers you can earn.

That actually means that every time you spend £45, you get 10% back to spend in August. (And I'm going to give you a hint here - there's something coming in August that you're really going to want to put those vouchers towards...)

I've alread got my first voucher tucked away - always exciting getting free Stampin' Up! stash!

Order through my Online Shop (quote the current Host Code and I'll send you an extra free gift, just from me to you, as a thank you) and get delivery direct to your door. Easy!

What's first on your list?




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