A Guide to Your Big Shot Platforms

Fri 13 Jan 2017

I was chatting to one of my customers the other day, and she told me she was confused by all the various platforms available for the Big Shot machine. She said she was never sure which platform she should be using at any given time, and asked if I could help her. I'm sure she's not the only one, so I've put together a video to explain what they're all for, and how to use each one. I hope you find it helpful!

There's a bit of a story to this video, and for a time I wasn't at all sure if you'd ever get to see it. I'd recorded it all before I realised that the video-editing software I've used in the past wasn't bundled with my new laptop. No problem, I thought: I'll download it. Er... no I won't. It's no longer available for download. As of the tenth of January. Two days before I looked for it. Seriously. Talk about frustrating! Anyhow, I found another one, obviously; there was a bit of a learning curve with it, but actually I think it's better than the software I've used before. Do let me know what you think.  

Enjoy, and I hope you're having a great day. Thanks for popping by!





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