Tue 11 Jul 2017

Hi there lovelies! I posted this video on my Facebook page a week or so ago, and promised a blog post then. Where on earth does the time go?! Anyway, here is the post I promised, and I hope you'll forgive the delay.

I am so in love with the "You Move Me" bundle from Stampin' Up! at the moment. If you're looking for a real "wow" in the cards you send, and you love a bit of interactivity, then you really need this bundle in your craft room. To be honest, I really wasn't very struck with it when I first saw it in the catalogue... it just looks a bit, well, odd, I suppose. Here's how the stamp set appears (you'll find it on page 170 of the 2017-2018 Annual Catalogue):

You Move Me stamp set - create interactive cards in a flash! From Stampin' Up! and available at bit.ly/SunshineStampingShop2

Now the solid images I understood, but the stripy ones were a bit lost on me, I have to confess. I really didn't "get" them. You really do have to see this stamp set in action to appreciate what it can do, which is why I wanted to record the little video you see at the top of this post.

How brilliant is that fluttering hummingbird???? 

The key to this clever stamp set is the stripes that confused me so much before I saw them in action. There are TWO stripy butterflies, and TWO stripy hummingbirds, but you stamp both images from each pair ON TOP OF EACH OTHER, using different colours, to make ONE composite image. Here's what the butterfly looks like, so you can see what I mean:

Butterfly from You Move Me stamp set by Stampin' Up!

Still looks a bit odd, doesn't it? More like a butterfly, admittedly, but still a little bit strange.

However, combine this two-step image with the co-ordinating dies, and the whole thing comes to life. Here are the dies:

You Move Me dies - interactive cards in a flash! By Stampin' Up! and available at bit.ly/SunshineStampingShop2

Seriously, don't even THINK about buying the stamp set on its own... You NEED the dies (and of course you get 10% off when you order them as a bundle) to create the movement effect.

The die you want for this is the one that looks a bit like a drain cover, or a ventilation cover. When you cut it out, you get lots of thin strips of card, set into a squarish shape, like this:

You Move Me, from Stampin' Up!. Interactive cards in a flash! Available from bit.ly/SunshineStampingShop2

These strips of card work with the stripy images to create an optical illusion - first one image, and then the other, is obscured by the strips of card, and the butterfly (or the hummingbird) appears to be fluttering. Clever!

A Few Tips For You

Here are a few tips, that I've found made a BIG difference to my success with this bundle:

  • Stamp the images with the horizontal lines HORIZONTAL! Use a Stamp-a-ma-jig if you have to (I just used my grid paper to make sure I was lining everything up properly). If your images aren't lined up with the die-cut grid, then the illusion won't work.
  • Use two inks that are fairly close in colour (or use the same colour, and stamp off before stamping the second image). Otherwise your eye notices the colour change, rather than the movement (or at least mine does).
  • Use low-tack masking tape (or sticky notes) to keep the grid die nice and straight when you cut it. I found that even when I used my Magnetic Platform I was moving the die just a little bit - and it really does need to be straight for you to get the full effect.
  • Brush the waste strips of card away from the die before you remove the die-cut. The strips of card are very slender, and I found that they were prone to bowing a little if I removed the waste without the die in place to brace the bits I wanted to keep. 
  • Slide the image up slowly. If you move it up too quickly you may not see the movement effect so well. Slow and steady worked best for me. 

And another tip, that will work for you until the end of July 2017. The dies and stamps will cost you £45 (€59.25) when you order them as a bundle. Throw in a refill of your favourite adhesive, or some bling, or a reel of that ribbon that you just HAVE to have, and you'll take your order above the magic £45 (€60) mark, which will bag you a £4.50 (€6) voucher to put towards your August purchases. Can't be bad! Find out more about the Bonus Days promotion by clicking here.

I'd love to see what you make with this die-and-stamps combo, so do send your photos to me. You can email them to me at becki@sunshinestamping.com, or send them in via my Facebook Page. I'd love to be inspired by what you create!

Thanks for dropping by. You can find links to everything I've used in this project at the bottom of this post. Just scroll down a little and click on the links. See you soon!



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Sun 2 Jul 2017

Got a wishlist as long as your arm? July's a great time to start ticking those items off, because for every £45 (€60) you spend on Stampin' Up! goodies this month, Stampin' Up! will email you a voucher for £4.50 (€6) that you can spend on even more stash in August. 

There's no limit to the number of vouchers you can earn.

That actually means that every time you spend £45, you get 10% back to spend in August. (And I'm going to give you a hint here - there's something coming in August that you're really going to want to put those vouchers towards...)

I've alread got my first voucher tucked away - always exciting getting free Stampin' Up! stash!

Order through my Online Shop (quote the current Host Code and I'll send you an extra free gift, just from me to you, as a thank you) and get delivery direct to your door. Easy!

What's first on your list?




Sat 1 Jul 2017

Christmas In July - Get This FREE Bundle when you join my Stampin' Up! team!

A little over seven years ago, I made one of the very best decisions of my life: I signed up as an Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. I had no idea, then, that seven years later I'd still be doing it, or that it would prove to be one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. As I write this, I've just finished spending a fabulous afternoon with a really lovely lady that I met in person just today (Hi Beverley!), and if it hadn't been for Stampin' Up!, we'd have never met at all. Beverley is just one of the oh so many new friends I've made through this stamping lark, over the years. She even gave me a pressie - look!

Beverley's Crocheted Cat

How cute is he?! He's going to live in my craft room, watching over me as I play. I love him! But he needs a name... any suggestions?

It's crafting... but it's so much more!

When I joined, I thought it would be all about the crafting. And, of course, it is hugely about the crafting, but that's far from all that Stampin' Up! is about. It's about the people I've met, about the fun days I've enjoyed, about the things I've learned - both about crafting and about myself. And it's about the fact that it gave me back an indentity - something to say when people asked me "What do you do?", after I'd had to give up my career. That one decision really did open up all kinds of doors for me, and I'm so pleased I took it.

Everyone's Stampin' Up! story is different. What could yours be? Only time can answer that, but one thing I do know is that NOW is a great time to join!

Free Essentials Pack and Stamp Set when you join my team in July

This is definitely the best signing-up offer I've seen from Stampin' Up!. When you join my team in July, you'll get this fabulous bundle of goodies absolutely free:

Carols of Christmas stamp set and Essentials Pack - free when you join my Stampin' Up! team in July

That's the Carols of Christmas stamp set (so brand spaking new that it isn't even out yet!), plus Grid paper, two Clear Blocks, a Bone Folder, Paper Snips and a Snail Adhesive - in total worth a massive £65. And that's ON TOP OF the £130 worth of stash that you get to choose from the current Stampin' Up! catalogue in your Starter Kit.

That's £195 worth of kit, for just £99! And there's NO CATCH.

PLUS you'll get a bundle of business supplies, worth an additional £47, thrown in just for for good measure. Everything you need to get your new Stampin' Up! business off to a fantastic start!

And there's no catch...

None at all. Yes, if you want to, you can build a brilliant Stampin' Up! business sharing what you love with wonderful people but, if that's not for you, then you don't have to. Your Starter Kit, and all the extras I've talked about in this blog post, will be yours to keep, even if you never order another thing. You can't say fairer than that, now can you?

Of course, I think you'll be hooked from the get-go, but even if you're not, you've got nothing to lose. 

Ready to join now? I've got a welcome pack (a little gift from me to get you off to a great start) waiting for you, and would love you to join the team. Just CLICK HERE, and hit the "Join Now" button on the page that opens up. 

Got more questions? That's fine. You can find out more by clicking here, or drop me an email or give me a call, and I'll be happy to talk things through with you on a no-pressure basis.

Thanks for dropping by!