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Tue 20 May 2014
Hello - it's Becki here! Well, I'm back, and wanted to say an ENORMOUS thank you to all those of you who have been in touch with your lovely get well messages. I really appreciate each and every one of them, and have been touched by your kindness. (The photo shows you the gorgeous Monty, who has been keeping me company while I've been out of the loop. I couldn't resist sharing it!)
For those of you who have asked what has been wrong, and to whom I haven't responded directly, let me explain. I have M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which, for the most part, I manage to control pretty well and I have a wonderfully fulfilling life. Unfortunately, my immune system is pretty poor, and so when I get ill it hits me pretty hard. Since Christmas, I've had some kind of recurring viral illness (a flu-y sort of thing), which has simply refused to go away. In the end, it seems to have triggered some sort of flare-up in the M.E., which is why I ended up having to take several weeks out completely. I have slept. A LOT!
I'm still not firing on all four cylinders, and am still having to rest a lot during the day, but I am at least able to think straighter than I've been able to for a while, and I'm starting to be able to take things on again. Thank you so much for bearing with me as I get myself stronger again. 
Love you all loads - you're the reason I do what I do. Thanks for all your support, you will never know how much it means.
(P.S. If you want to read a little more about my background, and how my illness led me to a business I love, click here...)

Fri 25 Apr 2014

Hi all.
Alan here posting on Becki's behalf. I'm afraid Becki has not been very well and spent the last few days largely in bed. She has been advised to take it easy for a couple of weeks at least and so you may not see much activity on here until she is well again. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

Fri 18 Apr 2014

Hello! Here's something exciting for you - especially for those of you who are scrapbookers or would-be-scrapbookers.

Have you heard of Project Life?

I'm sure that for many of you that's a resounding "Yes!", but for those of you who haven't, let me explain... Project Life is a fantastic scrapbooking concept that makes it easy for you to record loads more of those precious memories, without spending hours and hours perfecting each page. It's HUGE at the moment, which is why I'm SOOOOO excited to tell you that:

Project Life is coming to Stampin' Up! 

Yes! The incredible Project Life concept is going to be available to us soon, in fantastic Stampin' Up! colours - how A-MAZ-ING is that?!

You can fnd out more about it in the video I've linked to this post, and you'll see why I'm so excited.

With the release of the forthcoming Annual Catalogue, on 1st July, we will have a complete range of Project Life productsavailable. Excitingly, some products will be available even sooner than that - so watch this space! As soon as I know more, I'll tell you...

(If you want to hear about things the instant I find out about them, make sure that you "Like" our page on Facebook - I'm able to update that far faster than I can update this blog, although I promise I'll pop the details on here as soon as I can, so you won't miss out if you're not on Facebook. You can find our Facebook page here.)

How cool is that?! I love my job - what an exciting time to be involved with Stampin' Up!

I hope you're having a wonderful Easter so far.

Back soon... Thanks for dropping by! x